This Club is Closed. Please DO NOT contact us any longer. Thank you.
Please be advised that this club is no longer functioning.

Spring Season Sign-Up Info

Spring Season is on its way! We have great new games and new YTRC team gear.

Fit to Run Beverly Hills starts Monday 4/25 at Beverly Hills High School
Awaken The Olympian Beverly Hills starts Wednesday 4/27 at Beverly Hills High School

To register for these programs go to, City Services, Recreation and Parks, Recreation Programs, Youth Sports, Youth 5 - 14, whew.

Fit to Run Santa Monica starts friday 4/29 at Clover Park. To register for this program please call our manager Marie at 310-316-2806 or drop us an email at and we will rocket you an email registration form.
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WOW what a finish to a great winter season!!!

Check out our end of season track meet photo album. The energy was amazing as the kids sprinted towards the finish lines in the 100 meter dash, the hurdles dash and the relay race.

What is on the horizon for YTRC

Spring break is just around the corner and we will be offering a week of YTRC fun and fitness.

Spring season follows and as the weather warms up so will our YTRC runners. We are searching the scene for some fun 3k and 5k runs to test your skills.

Stay tuned for more updates with dates, locations and sign up info.

Youth Track and Running Club: Do you need a tutor?

Youth Track and Running Club: Do you need a tutor?

Do you need a tutor?

We recently met Sarah and loved her and her services. We wanted to pass on this connection to anyone who might need a tutor.

SG Prep Tutoring specializes in premier, one-on-one reading, writing, and test preparation tutoring. We work with students who are struggling, as well as students who are doing well but wish to fine-tune their work. We encourage students to find their own voices and paths.

Our Awakening Olympians go for the gold with Coach Charles Waller Wednesdays in Beverly Hills.

Winter Season Starts

Mondays with Coach Krishna are off to a great start as our runners going through the hoops and flex their muscles.

Get Ready to run!!!

Winter Season starts Monday January 10, 2011. We welcome back Coach Charles Waller and Coach Krishna Curry and they lead our runners to new achievements. Ready to register, call our manager Dr. Marie at 310-316-2806 and sign up. We have great new shirts, new training games and a special event at the end of the season.

Winter Season Registration News

YTRC Winter Season is coming soon.

We will train Mondays and Wednesdays in Beverly Hills beginning January 10, 2011. To register go to www.beverlyhills.orgBHRegOnline. We are on page 12.

We will also train in Santa Monica on Fridays with our new program Fit to Run.
We begin January 14, 2011 for 10 weeks of fun from 3:30 - 4:30 for $185/$165 for a sibling. To pre-register call our Manager Marie at 310-316-2806 today!
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Best friends enjoy the YTRC celebration.

One our YTRC runners holds his award and gifts from the club.

Sharks and Minnows

It's official....Sharks and Minnows was the favorite game for our YTRC Monday Runners! Building speed, flexibility and stamina this game was voted number one for it's fun factor.
Coach Drew passes out the healthy snacks at our training celebration.

Coach Myra is putting our YTRC runners through the ladder drill. Our YTRC runners are building their stamina, agility and form while having fun.

YTRC Fall Season 2010

Fall YTRC Season is on!

After a sizzling summer camp with Coach Anne Merrem and Coach Drew Nelson, YTRC is ready to rock your fall running season.

We are back in Beverly Hills with Happy, Healthy, Fit and Fun and Awakening the Olympian.

Santa Monica runners get ready for our newest training,
Fit to Run.

If you run to run, you will get better in this training. If you run to run in another sport, you can improve your technique, speed and endurance here as well. We love to run and we love to make it fun!

Our Santa Monica training focuses on efficient running technique, fitness, fun and friendship! Movement skills are taught in innovative and developmentally appropriate scope & sequence; we emphasize healthy lifestyle habits, respect and responsibility in engaging sessions. You will document your progress!!

Registration is now being accepted for all our programs.

Santa Monica
Fit to Run
Fridays 10/1 - 12/10

To register for Santa Monica email us at and we will forward you a registration form. Fill it out, enclose your check and mail to the address listed and you are in.

Beverly Hills -
Happy, Healthy, Fit and Fun
Mondays 10/4 - 12/3

Awaken the Olympian Within
Wednesdays 10/6 - 12/1

To register for YTRC programs in Beverly Hills
Go to:

At the top click on City Services.
Click on Recreation and Parks Programs and Services.
Click on Recreation Programs.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
Click on Youth Programs

Programs are listed in alphabetical order, Awaken the Olympian Within is first on the list and Happy, Healthy, Fit and Fun is the last one on the list.